Feature requests


  1. Elementor Template Library

    Hello, Have you considered developing a plugin similar to https://www.divdojo.com/template-share/ This would enable users to share or create their own template library for Elementor. As an Elementor template seller, I currently have to rely on outdated methods like importing and exporting Jason files to use my templates. I believe that such a plugin would be extremely useful not only to me but also to other online Elementor template sellers. Have you thought about building a similar plugin?

    Nayeem A
    #Improvement 👍


  2. Modal Opening Animation Choices

    Currently modal only fades down. A selection field offering different opening animation styles would be great. Seems like it should already be there!



  3. Clickable Titles - Fluent

    It would be a really nice touch to be able to click on the titles on the left in the Fluent slider.

    Nicolas L
    #Improvement 👍#Prime Slider


  4. Conflict between Ultimate Store Kit mini cart and Element Pack Pro mini cart

    Hi More of a heads up as I think both widgets shouldn't be active at the same time. But when the mini cart widget from both plugins, Ultimate Store Kit and Element Pack Pro, are active. The settings of the mini cart widget from Element Pack Pro are overwritten by those from the Ultimate Store Kit. Although only the Element Pack Pro widget is actively used. Already that both are active causes this conflict. Best regards, Stefan

    #Ultimate Store Kit#Bug 🐛


  5. List of manual selected products in (Florence) grid empty when editing again

    Hi When manually selecting products in a Grid widget like Florence, the list is empty when editing the widget/page later on. The products are still correctly selected but just the list is empty. Therefore, when trying to change one product, you have to select all again. Thank you and best regards, Stefan

    #Improvement 👍#Ultimate Store Kit#Bug 🐛


  6. Cannot open minicart when "closeable" option is set

    Hi When the setting "closeable" is set in the mini cart, it cannot be opened. Klicking on the icon has no effect. Best regards, Stefan

    #Improvement 👍#Ultimate Store Kit#Bug 🐛


  7. Mini cart widget has red border which I cannot remove

    Hi The mini cart widget has a red border which I cannot remove. Besides, the settings for the padding do not have an effect. Thank you and best regards, Stefan

    #Improvement 👍#Ultimate Store Kit#Bug 🐛


  8. Widget for "Product Related" widget has almost no styling options

    Hi The "Product Related" widget has almost no styling options and looks like abandoned. Besides, I don't really see the point of this widget as for the grid widgets, you can choose "related" as a query option. Therefore, a specific widget just for related products is obsolete. In my opinion. Best regards, Stefan

    #Improvement 👍#Ultimate Store Kit


  9. Mega Menu

    all you need to know is MEGA MENU! : )

    #Element Pack


  10. Post Kit Image Size Feature

    Needs to have an image sizing feature on every widgets on the post kit plugin

    #Improvement 👍#Ultimate Post Kit#Styling 🎨


  11. Power to create these type of ecom store

    You might know that nowadays anything is possible using elementor and your wonderful plugin I want you guys to take inspiration from this website and create widgets that are there on this website most of the elementor websites doesn't have features which this site https://www.fresh.com/us/home has and I would love to use your ultimate store kit plugins and create something extremely professional like this website hoping to see this features soon.

    Tauhid Alam
    #Ultimate Store Kit


  12. New twitter logo

    Hi, as new "beautiful" X (previously known as Twitter) logo is official, my advice is to update it in Prime Slider's social logos. Best regards, Fernando

    #Prime Slider


  13. Horizontal scroll cards

    Hello, I am trying to achieve something similar to this codepen have https://codepen.io/KhaledPen/pen/YzXeXLm where will have few number of cards that scroll with page , This is something i would like to see in element pack pro.



  14. Elite Grid - Apply word limit to excerpts as well as post content

    At present, if a post has an excerpt, it is printed in the grid in its entirety, rather than applying the word limit entered in the Elementor editor. This can be fixed by adding this to the ultimate_post_kit_custom_excerpt function in helper.php: if (has_excerpt()) { $output = the_excerpt(); } else { $output = get_the_content(); } And then removing this check from traits/global-widget-functions.php: if (has_excerpt()) { the_excerpt(); } else { ..... }

    Andy S
    #Improvement 👍#Ultimate Post Kit


  15. Make option preload slider

    Make option preload slider - is important for first loadpage with slider in head

    Pablo B