New updates and improvements to BdThemes

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    For the first time, BdThemes is offering Mega Black Friday deals from 18th November - 5th December 2022. New features added to the existing plugins, two new plugins are available, and tons of popular demanding features now integrated. This is the only chance where you can grab them at below regular price and save a ton. Go grab right now!

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  2. How to Use Fluid Gallery Widget by Pixel Gallery in Elementor

    Ready to take your image gallery to the next level? Try the Fluid gallery widget brought to you by Pixel Gallery and make a difference right now! Fluid is one of the flagship widget produced for Elementor users to easily combine their favorite images with the perfect layout and display their image galleries in websites with pride.

    The widget is completely free and has a very strong interface. Absolutely no one can take their eyes off once you paint your website with the Fluid widget.

    Watch this tutorial video to learn everything about it!

  3. How to Use Flame Gallery Widget by Pixel Gallery in Elementor

    Sometimes, all you need is a little touch of art in your WordPress gallery and that's all for the audience to be convinced. Flame widget is the kind of gallery making addon that portraits the necessary amount of affection through a captivating, smooth, and seamless image hover animation. Only Pixel Gallery addon for Elementor gives you this kind of unique, fresh, and powerful widget for making stunning image galleries.

    Watch this tutorial video to learn about the use and customizations of the Flame widget.

  4. How to Use Fabric Gallery Widget by Pixel Gallery in Elementor

    Pixel Gallery

    Making a suitable image gallery for WordPress website is no more difficult with the Fabric widget brought to you by the Pixel Gallery addon. Not only the widgets provides a different interface style to the users, but also it provides a minimalistic view that does not just overwhelm the users but adds a flavor that lasts longer.

    In this video, we covered most of the details of the widget from both user and visitor perspective. You can learn about the customizations and get to know about the available options inside the widget from this video. Please continue watching till the end

  5. How to Use Epoch Gallery Widget by Pixel Gallery in Elementor

    Do you want to learn about how to create stunning image galleries in WordPress with just a single widget? Watch this video about the Epoch widget brought to you by Pixel Gallery and learn the way to create instant WordPress galleries in minutes. Based on Elementor website builder, the Epoch widget offers a great number of customizations to power your creativity.

    Please continue watching the whole video to learn about the widget usage and customizations.

  6. How to Use Prime Slider Pacific Widget in Elementor

    What you really need is an attractive and fun to scroll slider like the Pacific slider widget for your travel blogs, social blog site, and business pages. In this video, we covered most of the details of the Pacific slider from the Prime Slider addon to show you how easy it is create an amazing post slider with it.

    Thanks to Elementor's drag and drop feature, there's no code involved in the whole process, resulting an easy way to use the widget by beginners. Also, the brilliant number of customizations make it suitable for experts to work on it for a more refine outcome.

    Please watch the whole video and learn the tricks behind this awesome widget.

  7. How to Use Sub Menu Widget by Element Pack Pro in Elementor

    This tutorial video contains the use case and customizations of the sub menu widget that is mainly built for the mega menu project. The sub menu is a feature that let's you create static customizable menu for the mega menu or you can use it to turn any dynamic menu into sub menus.

    it's a quick way to get your menu links in position without going through the pain of customizing the whole mega menu content piece by piece. Still, the widget offers a great range of customizations to help you create a complete design.

  8. How to Use EDD Beauty Carousel by Ultimate Store Kit in Elementor

    Ultimate Store Kit

    Rigorously showcasing products to attract potential is always the main goal for any WooCommerce website and the EDD Beauty Carousel is exactly the right tool for this task. The carousel is made for Elementor and provides a wide range of customizations for the designer. By utilizing the controls, you can easily create unique product showcases in a matter of moments.

    Continue watching the whole video to learn about the customizations from a designers perspective for the EDD Beauty Carousel widget.

  9. How to Use Category Carousel Widget by Ultimate Post Kit in Elementor

    Ultimate Store Kit

    Displaying posts based on their category is now easy in WordPress thanks to the Category Carousel widget by Ultimate Post Kit. The widget is easy to deploy and ever easier to customize which makes it a very handy widget for beginners and also, professional web designers.

    This video shows you how you can customize the Category carousel widget through Elementor and create the desired post layout for your website.