Feature requests

  1. Power to create these type of ecom store

    You might know that nowadays anything is possible using elementor and your wonderful plugin I want you guys to take inspiration from this website and create widgets that are there on this website most of the elementor websites doesn't have features which this site https://www.fresh.com/us/home has and I would love to use your ultimate store kit plugins and create something extremely professional like this website hoping to see this features soon.

    Tauhid Alam
    #Ultimate Store Kit


  2. More tutorials

    I think it would be very good if you could produce more tutorials, especially in written form, that explain step by step how to use the program to create different kinds of slides. I notice that in many slide creation program available on the market, they do not explain the basics in a way that can easily be understood by a beginner. It will be good to have an explanation of all the terms and what they refer to. Once the written tutorials are finished, and they are excellent, then they could be supplemented by videos that show basically the same thing. The advantage of text is that it is searchable and one can go exactly to the precise part you look for. Video is much harder to search, and sometimes you have to watch an entire clip to find the exact section you want to see. I hope my ideas can be of help to you. Thank you very much. Pablo PeΓ±a

    #Prime Slider


  3. Post Kit Image Size Feature

    Needs to have an image sizing feature on every widgets on the post kit plugin

    #Improvement πŸ‘#Styling 🎨#Ultimate Post Kit


  4. Can you create an elementor widget like this for hero section

    https://nrtcgroup.com/ checkout this website and check the first section can you create a widget which will allow us to create something like this using elementor ?

    #Prime Slider#Element Pack#Deal Breaker πŸ’”


  5. Knily Image Slider

    Instead of having Knily a blog type slider, how about adding a 2nd version of Knily but in a image/video style by adding a list of images/videos but you can set a background image/video and there will a thumbslider that you can set as well. It will useful for those users who is into advance modern style of slider and would be useful to show off there work

    #Prime Slider#Improvement πŸ‘#Styling 🎨


  6. I want to remove Metabox plugin from ElementPack:)

    because Metabox is a third-party plugin and no need to use it on ElementPack; I can add metabox manually on ElementPack😊