Feature requests

  1. Code highlighter

    Programmers who wish to post code snippets and present them in a neat way. Me being one of them :) With all major programming languages supported. Also, a simple way to add your own set of programming language keywords and associated colors to cover less known languages would be great. Thank you.

    Katerina B


  2. Mega Menu

    all you need to know is MEGA MENU! : )

    #Element Pack


  3. Power to create these type of ecom store

    You might know that nowadays anything is possible using elementor and your wonderful plugin I want you guys to take inspiration from this website and create widgets that are there on this website most of the elementor websites doesn't have features which this site https://www.fresh.com/us/home has and I would love to use your ultimate store kit plugins and create something extremely professional like this website hoping to see this features soon.

    Tauhid Alam
    #Ultimate Store Kit


  4. Dynamic calendar display for CPTs

    A widget that correctly displays a 3 month, monthly, weekly or daily view of CPT's in a calendar style grid. The widget could offer filters for post type(s), term(s), author(s) or any other custom field value chosen as a filter control above the display grid. The viewing user could also choose the year, then single month or 3 month view and that would filter the posts. There could be a second filter control term(s), title contains, author(s), type (e.g. some examples might be: 'Concert' or 'BDT training' or 'Cricket match', etc.) Essentially the dynamic nature of such a widget could display posts as summary in the calendar grid (with colour highlighed backgrounds for duration - including spanning several days) Grid display >>> (e.g.'Cricket match') (e.g. 'Opens 10:30') (e.g. 'Stone Cricket Club') The user could then mouse over a calendar grid entry and see a pop-up that could show an image (possibly featured), a summary, start and end date/times, location and possibly a few other field(s) the user defines when adding this widget. A click on the calendar grid entry could open the post or as a widget option a nearly full screen pop-up showing the widget with a link to visit the post in a page rather than a pop-up. The meta fields I personally would add to a CPT that could be selected / mapped in the widget's setting would be - these could be named anything by the user, but the widget would require each meta field to be the correct type (text, date, image, etc.) - easy with ACF. Event title (a very short title for display in the grid) Event start date/time (used as by the calendar grid to display the day the event is shown on and order with other events from the same day - also used as the start in the summary mouseover pop-up) Event end time (as above, but shows the coloured duration bar end day - and used as the event end date/time in the pop-up summary Start time grid text - shown in grid as start time rather than date/time field - e.g. 'Stats after 10am' Location grid text - 'Stone CC' - the pop-up might display another field with an address to show in Google maps and/or a text field like 'Stone Cricket Club ST45 NPP - limited parking - come early' Above the calendar grid - select views: Week - Month or 3 month (determined by widget setting) Next to that could be filter by (determined by widget setting): Author and/or Post type and/or Category with multi-selects (note there might be a custom taxonomy just for CPTs) The grid could also have pagination to select previous (whether it be in week, month or 3 month mode) or next Sorry for the long suggestion, but there is nothing like this unless an expensive calendar plugin is used. It is easy to create events as CPT using ACF and various front-end forms and it's one less plugin to add to a site. It may not offer all the bells and whistles of a dedicated plugin, but would be pretty powerful for many users of ACF / Elementor and Element Pack. Cheers

    #Element Pack


  5. Add "Hover" State in Style > Tab to Static Grid Tab Element

    Love the Static Grid Tab element! We are using it with images and while there is a "Normal" and "Active" state in the Style > Tab options, it would be awesome (if possible) to have a "Hover" state as well so that the user knows (when hovering) that they can "click" on the images to reveal the content. Currently, our workaround is to add text above the grid that says, "Click on the images below to expand the content" but if the images gave some opacity or border changes on hover (like the Normal and Active states allow) that would be great! Thank you so much for considering and, of course, for making Element Pack as awesome as it is! Thanks BDThemes team! :-)

    Caleb W
    #Element Pack


  6. Show tooltip on the marker location to the advanced google map

    As marker location the sidebar has many places but how we can find the which is right place. if the tooltip show the location it would be better to understand. check the attachment it will clear the matter.



  7. Device scroll Image

    please build possibility into the device scroll images so that the user/visitor of the website can move the scroll image up and down independently, add something like a scroll bar to the scroll images with a frame (desktop, macbook, iPad and iPhone). so not as an iframe, but directly in the scroll image widget. On my pages where I have implemented this feature, the image scrolls by itself when you move the mouse over it. I would like to make it like on the following page (3rd section) https://hahnsinn.de/portfolio/orthos-physiotherapie/ Currently it is like this: https://sicht-bar.biz/referenzen/juliagloeer/ ;(see 3rd section) -> the scrolling gets faster and faster the longer the mouse is on the position of the scroll image. I would like the visitor to be able to scroll independently within the frame if he wants to.

    #Styling 🎨#Improvement 👍


  8. Transitions (easing) to Icon List Widget

    It would be nice to have transitions added to Icon List Widget for nice easing on mouse hover. It's just a line of CSS, no need for admin options.



  9. More tutorials

    I think it would be very good if you could produce more tutorials, especially in written form, that explain step by step how to use the program to create different kinds of slides. I notice that in many slide creation program available on the market, they do not explain the basics in a way that can easily be understood by a beginner. It will be good to have an explanation of all the terms and what they refer to. Once the written tutorials are finished, and they are excellent, then they could be supplemented by videos that show basically the same thing. The advantage of text is that it is searchable and one can go exactly to the precise part you look for. Video is much harder to search, and sometimes you have to watch an entire clip to find the exact section you want to see. I hope my ideas can be of help to you. Thank you very much. Pablo Peña

    #Prime Slider


  10. Post Kit Image Size Feature

    Needs to have an image sizing feature on every widgets on the post kit plugin

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  11. Can you create an elementor widget like this for hero section

    https://nrtcgroup.com/ checkout this website and check the first section can you create a widget which will allow us to create something like this using elementor ?

    #Element Pack#Prime Slider#Deal Breaker 💔


  12. Knily Image Slider

    Instead of having Knily a blog type slider, how about adding a 2nd version of Knily but in a image/video style by adding a list of images/videos but you can set a background image/video and there will a thumbslider that you can set as well. It will useful for those users who is into advance modern style of slider and would be useful to show off there work

    #Styling 🎨#Prime Slider#Improvement 👍