Feature requests

  1. Security vulnerability

    Hi guys, Please fix this security issue https://www.wordfence.com/threat-intel/vulnerabilities/wordpress-plugins/bdthemes-element-pack/element-pack-pro-774-authenticated-contributor-arbitrary-file-read-and-phar-deserialization Thanks

    #Bug 🐛


  2. Rank Math compatibility

    Open up the content of the widget to the Elementor compatible Rank Math SEO plugin so that Rank Math can "read" the texts and "acknowledge the post images.

    #Ultimate Post Kit#Integrations 🔗


  3. Add minimum rating filter for Google Reviews

    Hi, this should definitely be a feature for the Google Reviews widget. We need a way to only filter 5 star, 4 star, etc. reviews and or hide certain reviews from showing. Currently there is no way to show only 4 or 5 star reviews for example. Please add this asap. Ty

    #Element Pack#Improvement 👍


  4. Bloc pour tuteur LMS Pro

    j’espère en l’équipe de Bdthemes prendre en considération l'amélioration de zoloblocks par des blocks pour tuteur LMS Pro comme dans l'extension d'élémentor : Tutor LMS Elementor Addons. l'équipe de BdThemes a fait deux widgets dans le plugin Element pack pro qui est : Tutor LMS Course Carousel et Tutor LMS Course Grid .

    #Integrations 🔗


  5. Mega Menu

    all you need to know is MEGA MENU! : )

    #Element Pack


  6. Ajax Pagination and Image Size Option

    It will be better to add an Ajax-based pagination option for displaying the post, which is handy for the visitors, instead of clicking numeric pagination and waiting for the page to load. I recommend adding more pagination and an infinite scroll option on pagination, which will be better for any post-type content on WordPress. Also, there should be a feature for defining image height and width so that there will be more customization options and layout variations.

    #Ultimate Post Kit


  7. Portfolio Image Click

    In the portfolio widget when hovering over an image there is only the option to click text or click an icon. In make cases developers don't want to use as they do not fit with the aesthetics of other parts of the site. It would make sense to offer the simple option to be able to click anywhere on the portfolio image to open the url as at the moment this can be missed. Thanks

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  8. Chekerboard


    Tauhid Alam
    #Ultimate Post Kit


  9. Navigation Arrows/Dots

    How can I adjust the location of Navigation Arrows/Dots to be horizontal at the bottom in Flogia Slider?

    Mowafag R
    #Improvement 👍#Prime Slider#Styling 🎨


  10. Control the speeds of progress bar

    It would be nice to control the speed of the progress bar. https://demo.elementpack.pro/element/advanced-progress-bar/ Currently, they all load at the same time. I would be great if, for instance, if there are 5 progress bars, each would load at intervals one after the other at a slower speed instead of the fast speed it's currently loading now.

    Omar A
    #Improvement 👍


  11. Social Share Button Doesnt Include Instagram, there should be an option to add your own icon

    It will enable more social medias to be linked to the widget

    #Improvement 👍#Styling 🎨


  12. Feedback or rating

    It might be interesting to have a widget or function that adds a rating for articles, pages, and if it were possible for forms as well.



  13. Gestione Dasboard

    It would be interesting and very useful to be able to generate and apply a custom page as a dasboard of your site for clients that would manage elmentor and Element Pack styles.

    #Element Pack


  14. New twitter logo

    Hi, as new "beautiful" X (previously known as Twitter) logo is official, my advice is to update it in Prime Slider's social logos. Best regards, Fernando

    #Prime Slider


  15. Modal Opening Animation Choices

    Currently modal only fades down. A selection field offering different opening animation styles would be great. Seems like it should already be there!